Waxing is considered part of skincare, and women wax their genital areas to cleanse and beautify their skin. Whether it is for the bikini you want to wear for the summer or other special occasions, you might wonder about the difference between bikini, French and Brazilian wax. These methods have their pros and cons and can cause minor to excessive pain.

There are several methods for waxing the bikini line / genital area, with three primary and prevalent methods for waxing. Bikini or French waxing is initially intended for beginners. The most common method of waxing, called by the country of origin, is Brazilian wax.

A beautiful woman running on beach after bikini wax

What is a Bikini wax?

A bikini wax is the most common type of waxing for beginners or those who want to have a clean body to wear the bikini they have been waiting for all year for beach sports or vacations. A bikini wax is intended for beginners because it does not remove all your excessive hair. Bikini wax includes bikini area waxing on both sides of the legs/thighs, shorts, and underwear allows the wax to form an inverted triangle of hair on your front, which is your very bikini policy.

A bikini wax is intended to prepare you for more painful waxes. Bikini wax does not need you to take off your underwear during the treatment, so a bikini wax is ideal for those uncomfortable getting naked next to a stranger.

What is a French wax?

Just like a bikini wax, French wax does not remove all of your excessive hair. This type of waxing makes your public area very clean, including the advantages of Brazilian wax except for the butt area. French wax usually leaves a small, vertical strip of hair behind so that you will be bare down there but not beyond the anus. The shape of the front hair is entirely up to you; however, the landing strip is an option. It has all the benefits of Brazilian wax, except in the private parts, which means you do not need to stretch and spread your legs during the waxing.

French wax

What is a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax is another standard method of waxing, just like bikini wax and French wax. Although it is a painful method compared to bikini and French wax, it is the most favored waxing method. Unlike bikini or French wax, this method removes hair from the entire area. If you have experienced waxing before, you probably do not choose a method that leaves excessive hair behind, such as bikini or French wax. If you are unsure about the pain or the idea of ​​being completely bare, it is best to start with a bikini or French, then a Brazilian wax. During the waxing, you will be asked to spread your legs wide or bend your knees towards your head so that your wax reaches your private parts.

A young woman using Brazilian wax

Summary of differences between the waxing methods

French and bikini wax are very similar to each other; however, the Brazilian wax will leave your body much cleaner;

  • The amount of hair removed is much more in Brazilian wax.
  • A Brazilian wax removes all hair from the belly button to the vagina (including inner lips) and buttocks (including between the hips).
  • Bikini/French Wax removes the hair around the bikini line with a larger landing strip.
  • Brazilian waxing requires you to get completely naked; however, Bikini and French wax can be done wearing a bikini.