Ever wanted something a bit different for your nails? There are models whose names you may not have even heard of, which may make things more difficult. That’s why we have prepared a guide for you to choose the best model. However, it’s essential to know that nail models affect their strength. The simple rule to remember is that short nails are always stronger; The more extended the nails, the weaker they begin to become

Rounded nails are the most favored nail models

A rounded nail model is the best choice for those who are interested in simplicity. Round nails are like natural nails; But a little more prominent. It is very easy to make this model of nails because they follow your nails’ round and original shape. All you have to do is trim your nails a little above the flesh of your finger and then wrap them around with a nail file. Round nails become more beautiful with a layer of base and crown varnish. You can use stickers on your round nails to make them even more charming. Round nails have a feminine look and also make your fingers look taller.

Square nails make your hands more elegant

Square nails are an alternative similar to round nails. If you are unsure whether this nail model suits you or not, you can use a razor to smooth the corners of your nails to create a square look and see if you like them. Square nails are the best choice for those who have long and thin fingers. Like round nails, square nails are beautiful with a simple crown or patterned varnishes. French design and polishing are also one of the most popular designs for this nail model.

Lilac French manicure

Rounded square nails, an excellent combination for your hands

If you are looking for a design between round and square, the square-round model is the answer. The rounded square model has a more classic look and will be very attractive if your nails are a little long. To make this nail model, crescent the corners of the nail like a square nail and slightly shape the edges of the nail in the sides like around the nail. The best design for this model is a simple French nail or a colored French.


Oval nails are a perfect model for long fingers

The oval nail model has a semicircular shape at the top and head, which is why your nails must be a little longer. You have to crescent the corners of your nails with a razor and make a semicircle for this model. Oval nails with pastel colors like blue or pink are very attractive. If you happen to live in Canada, we can offer you the best nail service in Vancouver.

Stiletto nails outstand among other models

Stiletto nails are the sharpest nail models. This attractive model is suitable for those who like to be noticed. Stiletto nails are like the heel of a high-heeled shoe. The most popular designs for this nail model are crown nail polishes. Stiletto nails can be very creative, and you can try many designs and shapes on them.

Almond nails have a modern look

Almond nails are delicate, homely, and beautiful. This nail model is gorgeous and, both short and long, and is the best option for when you want your fingers to look stretched and slimmer. Gentle varnishes and simple designs such as minimal designs are very suitable for this nail model.