Although nothing can make your hands more beautiful than beautiful and attractive nail polish, as well as the use of gel and nail implant services, the truth is that these appliances can cause severe damage to the nails in the long run. Using these services can make your nails brittle and affect their appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your nails and strengthen them so that they look good. In this article, we want to suggest solutions for damaged nails.

If you have damaged nails limit your varnishing

Nothing can be more effective and helpful than repairing damaged nail tissue by leaving them natural to allow them to breathe. Therefore, it is best to forget about varnishing for a while and let the necessary oxygen reach them. So, you allow them to repair and rebuild themselves, and they can return to normal as soon as possible.

Necessary oxygen reaches to nails

Apply a base coat to treat damaged nails

If for any reason, you cannot forget about varnishing, it is necessary to apply a base coat or base layer before varnishing. Base coats allow you to increase the resistance of the nail polish and protect your nails and ensure their health. On the other hand, some of these basecoats also deliver nutrients to your nails, and you will not have to worry about damaging your nails.

Use nail strengthening gels to repair your damaged nails

The truth is that you can recover your nails in different ways, one of which is the use of strengthening gels. There are some gels and creams on the market that are designed and made to strengthen and care for damaged nails. These products provide the necessary nutrients for the nails, and you can see the repair of damaged nail tissues as soon as possible.

mئanicurist with a brush applied to the nails a gel

Change your diet to repair your damaged nails

Another way to repair damaged nail tissue that you can use is to change your diet. Add milk and yogurt to your diet, increase your intake of spinach and foods containing zinc and iron, and eat lemons to help speed up the repair of damaged nail tissue. If you are wondering which diet to choose in order to help recovering your nail, here is an excellent article regarding vegetables that strengthen your nails.

A glass jar with homemade yogurt with raspberries in the hands of a woman

Zinc is excellent for nail strengthening

When there is a lack of zinc in the body, the nails become weak, thin, and brittle, and white spots appear on them. If you notice such symptoms, you should take zinc. To compensate, you can use zinc tablets, which are taken daily. The dose of this pill will vary according to different ages. In addition, you can compensate for zinc deficiency by eating rich foods such as lean meats, turkey, seafood, peanuts, and chocolate.