It is possible to remove the excess body and facial hair in different ways. Previously, traditional methods were more common, but with the advancement of science and technology, newer and more efficient methods are used to remove excess hair. For example, laser and waxing methods are considered new methods, while threading is a traditional but popular treatment. Waxing is a process that, when done correctly, can leave your face soft and hair-free for weeks. Similar to waxing, threading is also an effective way of keeping your face smooth. Both methods are considered safe, and many people treat their face regularly using these methods with minimum side effects.

Is waxing harmful to the skin?

Waxing and other methods such as laser treatment are not medically harmful to the skin unless people have skin allergies or previous skin problems. People with, for example, severely dry skin condition or eczema should consult their doctor before waxing their face to avoid side effects. Repeated waxing may loosen the skin because when you wax, the skin is stretched.

Is waxing harmful to the skin

What are the advantages of face threading?

Face threading is one of the standard methods that remove hair from the roots. There are several benefits to the threading method:

It is fast

Threading is a fast process. It hardly takes more than 10 minutes to do the cheek.

It takes a long time for hair to grow back

Threading is one of the most permanent hairs removal methods, as it takes more than a month for hair to grow back (there are exceptions).

It does not cause redness and swelling

Threading is an excellent option for people with sensitive skin because it has a relatively friendly and gentle skin treatment. It targets hair follicles and rarely touches the skin.

It is very accurate

Most people do eyebrow threading because it is more precise. The hairs above and below the eyebrows are mainly targeted, and the middle hairs remain. This gives a fresh and clean look to the eyebrows.

It is cheap

The only material used in threading is a piece of thread.

No chemicals are used

A specialist is removing facial hair with threading

Is threading healthy for the face?

Because the hair is plucked from the roots, threading causes exfoliation of the face skin. Threading does not cause any particular damage to the skin. It is only due to the accumulation of blood in the areas where the threading is done that the skin looks red and inflamed afterward. The accumulated blood helps the regeneration and rejuvenation of the face cells. Threading also does not contain chemicals, so it is safer than methods using chemicals to remove excess hair, such as waxing.