Generally, the removal of excess hair from specific and sensitive parts of the body, such as the genital area, armpits or around the breast by waxing, if done correctly and carefully, will not cause many problems for the person and could be called safe. However, the skin in these areas of the body is a little more sensitive and delicate than the skin in other parts and it is more irritating. Therefore, the risk of developing folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles), false folliculitis or inflammation around the hair follicle tissue in these areas will be higher after waxing excess hair.

a woman is waxing by herself


How safe is waxing?

Is it possible for the sensitive parts of the body to be damaged by skin stretching during waxing? No, the internal parts of the genital area, axillary lymph nodes and breast tissue are not easily affected by factors such as waxing and it is completely safe. However, because these areas of the body are sensitive and relatively moist, and are more likely to contain different microbes, the risk of developing folliculitis inflammation after waxing is even higher. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, waxing excess hair around the breasts or around the breast has nothing to do with cancer or the development of malignant cancerous growths in these areas. Sometimes purulent lesions with pain and inflammation occur after waxing sensitive parts of the body, which is due to the more sensitive, moist and higher microbial load of the skin in these areas and can be annoying for the person. In rare cases, if waxing is not done properly and carefully, the subcutaneous capillaries in these areas may rupture due to the intensity of skin stretching, and mild subcutaneous bleeding, bruising and darkening of the skin in these areas of the body may occur after waxing.

After waxing

Is lubricating the sensitive areas of the body with betamethasone after waxing recommended?

Because the hair in these parts of the body is slightly thicker and has stronger roots than the hair in other parts of the body, it is possible to cause skin inflammation due to the waxing of their excess hair and to prevent these inflammations, the use of ointments such as betamethasone is safe and recommended. However, be aware that this ointment is a kind of corticosteroid drug and it is not a problem to use it once or twice. Repeated use of betamethasone may irritate the skin and increase the risk of pimples.

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Precautions to a safe waxing

If you are going to wax sensitive parts of your body, it is better to do the preparations properly to have a safe waxing. Before waxing, first, go to the bathroom and peel your skin. Apply body shampoo or underarm soap to remove dirt and grime. Then clean the area with a good cloth and finally wash with warm water to open the pores of the skin. This simplifies the waxing process, prevents infection and subcutaneous hair, and reduces the effects of underarm waxing. Apply baby powder under the armpits before applying the wax. The powder dries that part and prevents the wax from sticking to the skin when it is pulled. Certainly, by referring to reputable and specialized waxing centers that have trained and experienced personnel, as well as the use of standard waxes, you can minimize the side effects of waxing.