Pedicure Etiquette – The Do’s and Dont’s During a Pedicure

proper pedicure etiquette is important

Pedicure Etiquette

When you do something for the first time, it’s not uncommon to not know what to expect and more importantly, how to act. Pedicures are a perfect example of one of those things. Once you’ve had a few pedicures in your life, you can generally adapt some proper etiquette and have a better idea of what t expect. Although, if you’re going in for your first pedicure, we’ve got a few tips on how to perfect your pedicure etiquette.

good pedicure etiquette involves being respectful to the people working on your feet

No Need to Trim Beforehand

That’s right! There is no need to trim your nails before you come for a pedicure. The nail technician will take care of your nails completely. Even if you feel weird going to a pedicure without any preparation for your nails, that’s okay. And trust us, you’ll get used to it!

Have a Predetermined Colour

proper pedicure etiquette involved picking out a colour beforehand

You should have a good idea of what sort of colour and/or design you’d like your nails to have before you arrive for your pedicure. It is considered bad pedicure etiquette to spend a prolonged period of time trying to decide on a colour. This is because usually the nail technician is very busy. They do not have lots of time to sit and wait for you to debate on different colours. So just try your best to have an accurate idea of what you want beforehand.

Be Polite!

Being polite can make your pedicure better for everyone

Now we believe this should apply, no matter where you are. But it is important to be polite to your nail technician. Yes you are paying for their service, you should definitely express yourself if you want something change or if you have a concern, but it doesn’t cost you anything to be polite about it. This one isn’t specially pedicure etiquette, but rather just general etiquette.

You Should Have a Shower Beforehand

Even though the nail specialist is used to working with stranger’s feet every day, no one wants to work with smelly, dirty feet. So ensure you hop in the shower and give your feet an extra little scrub, just because you can. It’s much more pleasant dealing with clean feet than not clean feet!

Pedicure Etiquette Tells us to Ditch the Phone

Talking on your phone during the pedicure process can be poor pedicure etiquette. When there are other people in the same area as you, it can be distracting when you’re talking on the phone. When people go for a pedicure, they want a quiet, relaxing time. And having people talking on the phone can disturb that peace and quiet time for others, which is not respectful.

Nobody Wants to Hear Your Personal Conversations

We get it, when you come with your girlfriends, you want to talk about girlfriend stuff! But truthfully, no one needs to hear what you’re talking about. So practice proper pedicure etiquette and keep the “girl talk” to a minimum!

Tip for Good Service

If you found that your pedicure was done well, then don’t be scared to leave a tip! As with many other industries where gratuity is encouraged, workers who specialize in manicures and pedicures are often incentivized to give good service through tipping, and it’s good pedicure etiquette to leave a tip, especially when the service was exceptional.

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