Laminating eyebrows is one of the attractive ways to beautify, lift, and plump the brows. Many movie stars do eyebrow lifts and laminating to make their faces more attractive. Laminating puts your eyebrows in an attractive state without any makeup. Since eyebrows, as one of the main components of the face, have a significant impact on the front, the laminate can make your face look fabulous. Brow lamination, like other services provided in beauty salons, needs aftercare to minimize the side effects.

How long do eyebrow lifts and laminates last?

Since latex glue is used in eyebrow lift and laminating, it has a good shelf life that varies between one to two months. Generally, If you use high-quality materials with experienced performance, it will last longer.

Brow laminating aftercare

Following these rules will make your brow lamination last longer with better results:

  • Stay away from moisture for up to 24 hours: It is recommended not to swim, incense the face, take a shower, wash the face, and the like for up to 24 hours after the brow lift.
  • Do not use eyebrow care products for 24 hours: Do not use brow serum or cream for the first 24 hours after treatment.
  • Do not apply makeup for the first two days after treatment: Another vital point about caring about brow lifts and laminating is to avoid eye makeup. Because cosmetics in the first 48 hours after lift and lamination can reduce the longevity of your new lashes, it is usually recommended that you refrain from applying eyeliner, mascara, and the like for two days.
  • Try not to sleep on your face for 24 hours: The first day after the lift and laminating is critical. During this time, you should not put any pressure on your brows.
  • Gently treat your brows: Your brows become sensitive after this beauty treatment and need more care than ever. You should avoid touching and rubbing your eyes and brows for at least one day.

If you have natural and beautiful brows and are looking for a safe and excellent way to improve the shape and condition of your eyebrows, and you no longer need to use cosmetics for eyebrow makeup, using eyebrow lift and laminate can be a good option. Brow laminate and lift help your eyebrows look lifted, full of color and good-looking, and look thicker and fuller than ever. For the results of eyebrow lift and laminating to have high durability, it is necessary to refer to a specialized center or beauty salon that provides these services by trained and experienced people.