Eyebrows are known as one of the most important components of our beauty. In fact, these short and thin hair play a very colorful role in our beauty. However, the shape and model of the eyebrows have changed a lot since ancient times. Eyebrow shape lift and laminating are two new techniques for styling and strengthening eyebrows. Brow lamination will always keep your eyebrows tidy and reduce the time it takes to apply makeup or even tint the brows.

How does eyebrow laminate work?

Eyebrow laminate is a type of eyebrow perm that uses a chemical process to put hair in a better shape. The eyebrow laminate begins to break down the protein bonds in the eyebrow hairs using special materials. lamination allows brow hair to be easily shaped upwards. Then, the second step and materials are used, which turns the protein bonds into a new position, keeping the eyebrows in a new shape for up to 6 weeks. If you have irregular, straight or downward hair, eyebrow laminate can change the direction of growth and create a more uniform appearance with a higher arch and a more desirable eyebrow shape, especially when the brows are tinted too.

woman eyebrows after eyebrow laminate

How to get the best eyebrow laminate results

Eyebrow lamination services are vastly favorable among women who attend beauty salons. Many prefer to tint their brows in the same session as well, here are some advice to get the best result;

  1. Choose your eyebrow artist and cosmetologist carefully. Make sure they are properly trained and use a credible system and solution.
  2. Tint eyebrows a week before or after laminating.
  3. If you use already have your brows laminated, never dechlorinate your eyebrows because it increases fractures.
  4. Do not use glue during the laminating steps.
  5. After the procedure, use eyebrow growth serum daily.
  6. Do not wet your freshly laminated eyebrows for 48 hours. Keep the eyebrows dry and protect them from water meanwhile.
  7. Try not to repeat this process more than every 10 weeks to allow new untreated hair to grow.
  8. Be sure to brush your eyebrows every day.

a woman with best eyebrow laminate results

Who is a candidate for eyebrow tint and lamination?

In general, eyebrow tint and laminating are suitable for all women who love natural beauty. But people with downward eyebrow strands, drooping eyes and eyelids, or a short distance between the eyebrows and their eyes are the most suitable candidates for lamination treatment. Eyebrow tint and laminating is done with organic and strengthening materials and is suitable for those who have low, messy or drooping eyebrows or full and colorful eyebrows. With the tint and laminate, the eyebrow strands stand up and the eyebrows are wider and the eyebrow gaps are filled. Brow lamination treatment is also suitable for low and sunken eyebrows; however, the eyebrows should be raised and shaped before lamination.