French polishing, also known as the French manicure nail model, is one of the oldest and most popular nail manicure methods French women initially chose and today is one of the most popular nail manicure methods worldwide. If you want your nails to be fashionable while looking natural, try French polishing. French nail model is one of the most beautiful models for nail design, which can be used with various colors. French manicure has a remarkable simplicity and charm that makes it suitable for celebrations and parties and even weddings and workplaces. The French first used French polishing of nails in 1970 and to this day it is known as one of the most classic and stylish models for nail manicure.

image of hands with red nail polish

What is nail polish?

In general, polishing is a term used to eliminate surface imperfections and increase the gloss of different surfaces. French gel polishing is one of the restorations methods done to the nails in beauty salons. Nail polish is a product used to shine and smoothen the nail surface. Polishing nails not only makes the appearance of nails more beautiful but also increases nail growth.

What is nail gel polish?

Gel polish is a thin and liquid gel applied to the nails like ordinary nail polishes. These products are actually temporary varnishes mixed with the acrylic gel used for nail covers and nail implants. The life span of the gel polishing is between 2 to 4 weeks, and you cannot remove them with ordinary acetones. To remove these temporary varnishes, you should go to the beauty salon to have your hairdresser remove them using special equipment and acetone.

Why choose a French manicure?

French manicure usually means using a pink base color with a bright white nail tip. That’s why some designers call this model white, pink nails. The French model usually looks more natural than artificial nails. In French manicure, the wreath of the nails is made of acrylic or gel. In a beauty salon, the French nail model is done with plastic tips. The tips are stuck to your nails using clear acrylic before the art design of the nails begins. The simplicity and easiness of the French gel polish have made it one of the most desirable fashions women choose nowadays.

A woman is doing French manicure

Things to know before getting a nail gel polish

Before getting a French gel polish, considering the following tips will help you to have desirable results.

  • It is better to have your nails cleansed after a few months of using French gel polish and keep your nails regular for a while. This will allow your nails to rest for a while and receive the oxygen they need.
  • After removing the gel polish, it is better to use strengthening oils.
  • UV device makes nails shinier, but their drying time will be longer.
  • Since UV rays are harmful to the skin, it is better to use sunscreen on your hands in advance.
  • This method is suitable for people who are accustomed to chewing their nails.

Nail polish is very suitable for people who are constantly dealing with chemicals, detergents