Hands and nails are some of the most beautiful parts of the body. The beauty of your hands depends on having neat and well-shaped nails. Straight and healthy nails will make your hands look longer and more beautiful. There are different types of nail shape that affect the overall beauty of your hands. For example, having long nails will make your fingers more elegant.

Circle-shaped nails

If you like to keep your nails short, a circle-shaped model is the best choice. The round nail model, a short and natural model, is suitable for people who have short and wide fingers. Circle-shaped nails will make your nails appear thinner and longer, so it is better to choose other models if your fingers are narrow. The Circle-shaped nail model is short and does not require much care, so it is very suitable for working women who do not have much time to spend in beauty salons.

a woman with circle shaped nails

Square shaped nails

Many women tend to manicure their nails in a square shape. This form of nail manicure creates a beautiful body for the nails, and the design on them will be seen in the most beautiful way possible. Square nails are suitable for short fingers. One of the advantages of this model is that it has more durability and strength than other models. You can also use bright, screaming and glossy colors for your nail polish.

a lady's hands square shaped nails

Oval shaped nails

As the name implies, the oval-shaped nails are elliptical and slightly narrower than circle-shaped nails. Oval shape nails are suitable for those who are looking for feminine elegancy. The oval-shaped nails fit best for hands with short fingers.

stylish women's manicure in blue oval shaped nails

Stiletto shaped nails

Stiletto-shaped nails are narrower at the top of the nail. They are also called almond nails which are delicate and elongated, suitable for long and thin fingers. Stiletto-shaped nails are not recommended for short fingers, so if you have long and narrow fingers, be sure to try them. You can decorate almond nail models with neutral or light-colored nail polishes with artistic designs.

Pink stiletto shaped nails

Coffin/Ballerina shaped nails

One of the best nail shapes for long and narrow fingers is the ballerina shape. This nail style is named because it resembled coffins and ballet shoes. Its appearance is long and slender. While its modern and beautiful design attracts many women, the coffin-shaped nails tend to break a lot, making them less suitable for people with short or brittle nails.

Short coffin shaped nails

Square-round shaped nails

Square-round nails are smooth square nails with rounded corners, which gives them a more natural look. This shape best fits with long fingers. The square-round nails are usually manicured with light colors.

Square round shaped nails