Pedicure gel is a powder that softens the dry skin of the sole and softens the hardened calluses of the foot. This product works like sea salt, pedicure pills, and other exfoliating products. When poured into water, it becomes jelly and soft. Pedicure gel is available in different scents. With its beneficial nutrients and natural vegetable oils for the skin, each of these fragrances softens, cleanses, and exfoliates the foot.

Advantages of gel pedicure

Here are some advantages of getting a gel pedicure:

  1. One of the advantages of gel pedicure is that the heat of water is three times more in this method. When this powder turns into a gel in water, it retains the heat of the water.
  2. Gel pedicure relieves muscle pain. It Heals stiff calluses on foot and removes dead skin, and relieves pain. As you know, calluses and scaling of the foot in contact with shoes and other surfaces cause friction. Calluses also become larger and more painful in contact with different textures.
  3. Gel pedicures soften skin and toenails more easily. This makes peeling and pedicure much smoother. The resulting gelatin covers the feet, which are soaked in the water for a long time while retaining heat. The skin becomes soft and moisturized. As a result, if you have calluses and cuticles, it softens more and faster and is easier to remove from the foot.
  4. Doing pedicures with Gel cleans and clarifies the appearance of nails and skin of the feet and creates a relaxing feeling. By maintaining heat, gel pedicure strengthens blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and reduces pain.
  5. Pedicure with gel opens and closes the blocked pores of the skin and eliminates skin impurities. Reduces foot odor and is effective in treating eczema.
  6. Gel pedicure helps the overall health of your toenails by exfoliating the top layers of your nails and the skin around. However, if you are looking for more methods to strengthen your nails, here is an excellent article regarding how to make your nails stronger.

Multicolored pedicure and gel manicure

How to apply gel pedicure

In order to apply gel pedicure, simply follow the instructions:

  1. Remove the varnish or any kind of coating from the nails.
  2. Prepare a bowl or pan of hot water and put your feet in it.
  3. Add Gel pedicure to the water and stir it a little to mix well with the water. 2 minutes is enough to create a jelly state.
  4. Massage the feet into it and let the foot stay in it for 10-15 minutes to soften the tightened skin.
  5. Before removing the foot, pour the additional powder into the bowl and wait for the gel to become raw and watery. Then remove the legs and dry with a clean towel.

Woman master arm applying gel manicure in salon

How getting a gel pedicure worth it?

According to beauty salons, pedicures, in most cases, last longer than manicures. Nail pedicure with gel does not look pale or dull after a few days. In fact, after a few weeks, your toenails will look completely smooth. Your nail specialist will shape and straighten your toenails, and the skin of your fingernails will push back to keep it tidy. This is why getting a gel pedicure is really worth it.